Healthy Bites

Epic Vegan Snack Platter

This Epic Vegan Snack Platter is really all you need for a perfectly cozy evening on the couch. Well, maybe apart from cuddly pillows, a good movie & good friends. 🙂
And the best part?
The creamy chocolate dip!!! Naturally . . . 😅

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How to make Vegan Turmeric Grissini

What’s the one thing that must not be missing on any movie night (apart from an engrossing movie obviously)??
Well, tasty crunchy nibbles, of course!
Like my vegan turmeric grissini. You guys, these little bread sticks are so much better than any boring fatty old crisps. 
They are spicy, super crispy, quick & easy to make and good for you, too.
Find out why here . . .

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