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Green Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

Is there anything that feels more like summer than a fresh homemade Green Spirulina Smoothie Bowl?
Of course, colorfully topped with fresh fruit and crunchy Orange Coconut Granola.
That really gets me dreaming about summer . . . do you feel me? ☀️

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Sweet Apple & Parsnip Soup

Hot, sweet and aromatic Apple & Parsnip Soup is just perfect for when your stomach is longing for something warm & nourishing. Right now, in February, I often feel that way.
I have to admit it now. Winter isn’t my season. At all.
Once the Christmas season is over and the little snow has melted away, unfortunately there isn’t that much left over that could sweeten this gray, wet, cold season. Please tell me that you know what I mean . . .
And that’s exactly where a sweet, light & warming soup comes in handy . . .

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Fresh & easy Potato Salad

Today, I’ll share a typical German recipe with you: potato salad it is.
This salad was fairly common on our table at home when I was a little girl.
My dad comes from Swabia and his love for Swabian food is still going strong today. We regularly had Maultaschen (some kind of ravioli), Spaetzle, Gaisburger Marsch (a soup) and potato salad. I’ve always loved my dad’s salad because . . .

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