I wanna be . . .
. . . a dreamer
. . . a lover of life
. . . a believer in the good
. . . & a free spirit.


Hello lovely soul & welcome to my little blog

I created this space to share healthy, plant-based recipes with my family, my friends & everyone, who loves delicious whole foods. I want to show you, that a vegan lifestyle is far from limitations. It‘s all about abundance and vibrant life-giving food.

Before turning vegan I often struggled with my weight and followed silly diets, that starved not only my body but also my soul. The result were food cravings and hunger pangs. Now that I eat a plant-based, wholesome, refined sugar free diet, all these problems are going away. I feel light and full of energy. I was (and still am) amazed, that the way you eat has such a huge impact on the way you feel, as well as your health. So of course I wanna share my experiences with you.

I simply love to cook and bake. It calms me down to prepare the ingredients – to slice, to chop, to peel, to measure. And the results are always so rewarding. Well, almost always . . . 🤷‍♀️ I hope, this little space can inspire you, to easily live a healthy, plant-based life with lots of colorful food, that will nourish your body & soul. ☯️


Be kind & start cooking 💚

Love, Romy