15+ delicious & healthy Vegan Easter Brunch Ideas

by Romy

15+ deliciously healthy & vegan Easter brunch ideas that everyone will love. Sweet & savoury recipes will make the perfect party food. Enjoy! 🐰| inlovewithbliss.com #vegan #easter #brunch #cake #salad

Oh my . . . it’s almost April again, and Easter is just around the corner.
Time to talk about delicious & healthy vegan Easter brunch ideas, no?
Time is literally flying right now . . . at least, for me.

But hey, that can be a good thing, too.
Because Easter always brings tons of drool-worthy food into my life.
Just think juicy carrot cakes, fluffy carrot pancakes, crispy salads bursting with fresh greens (it’s spring after all), carrot cake truffles (yes, that’s a thing, and you can find it right below ↓🙂) and even carrot dogs.
Somehow this healthy orange root veggie is what it’s all about most of the time. 🥕🥕🥕

Will you have a little delicious Easter brunch this year?
I definitely know I will. For me holidays are always the perfect excuse to gather my loved ones around me and cook & bake up a storm.
Do you agree?
Here I have a little collection of mostly healthy & vegan Easter brunch ideas.
Some sweet, some savoury, but all perfect for spring.
There are even some recipes with not a pinch of carrot in them. Just saying. 😉


15+ delicious & healthy Vegan Easter Brunch Ideas

  1. Why not surprise your loved ones with decadent (and secretly healthy) Carrot Cake Truffles?
    They are naturally sweetened, paleo & gluten free.
  2. A moist & simple Vegan Carrot Cake that everyone will fall in love with. Just look at these tiny carrots. 🧡
  3. More of a chocolate lover? I got you covered! This Blissful Chocolate Almond Cake will make your chocolate dreams come true. It’s vegan, gluten free & naturally sweetened, too.
  4. There’s nothing like a fresh Spring Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad to make your Easter brunch complete.
    It’s simple, healthy & full of lemon flavor. 🍋
  5. These fluffy Easter Pancakes almost tricked me with their fruity egg . . . 🍳
  6. French Toast Casserole with crunchy sweet praline topping . . . need I say more?!
  7. How about some colorful Corn, Peas & Tangerine Pasta Salad?
    It’s fresh & fruity and one of my absolute favorites. 💛
  8. This Raw Carrot Cake with vegan Cream Cheese Frosting will make you swoon . . . absolutely dreamy!
  9. Have you ever tried Vegan Carrot Dogs? This Easter is the perfect occasion to do so . . . 🌭🌭🌭
  10. Carrot Cake Donuts with Lemon Cream Glaze . . . for all you Homers out there. 🍩
  11. Mushroom Asparagus Tacos with Jalapeno Cashew Crema – vegan, paleo & the perfect savoury addition to your Easter Brunch.
    It’s taco time!
  12. Why not serve a Fresh & Easy Potato Salad. A delicious classic that’s simply made for your Brunch table.
  13. Welcome to garlic heaven! Garlicky Kidney Cinnamon Hummus – because every brunch just needs a good hummus recipe, right?!
  14. Impress your guests with this super indulgent Easter Lemon Sponge Cake. They’ll love you & the cake. 😊
  15. This creamy decadent Fig & Raspberry Cheesecake is almost too pretty to eat . . . almost.
  16. These cute little Easter Almond Baby Chicks will have everyone ooohing and aaahing.
    Could you eat such little cuties??

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